Yoni Steam Tightening


  1. Balance Hormones
  2. Reduction menstrual discomfort
  3. Regulate heavy bleeding & reduce clotting
  4. Correct absent menstruations
  5. Strengthen, tighten and tone the vaginal Walls
  6. Prevent chronic yeast and vaginal infections
  7. Heal vaginal tearing & scarring from C sections and episiotomies
  8. Treat hemorrhoids
  9. Reduce vaginal dryness
  10. Treat symptoms of menopause
  11. Treat Postpartum conduction
  12. Boost Low Libido
  13. Maintain Healthy odor
  14. Align & heal post birth
  15. Release emotional pain and trauma
  16. Negative energy trapped in the Sacral and Root Chakras
  17. Detox entire body through Womb


What They Say

The spa is very clean. Staff is friendly. Kaytee was very informative and helped ease my anxiety from a post surgery experience perspective. I highly recommend this spa.

As soon as you walk in the place feels very exotic, warm and relaxing. The Service was great!