Welcome Beautiful One!

NAVIGATE WELLNESS is a Distinctive Spa, one that you will not find anywhere else in the world. When you enter our doors to Navigate Wellness, it is an enchanting experience of holistic self-love.

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to aid in the recovery of any challenges your body may be experiencing. Whether it be post-operative care, mental healing; or you just want to give yourself a “Love Bath”. With our affordable services, we aim to help Women over 18!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to show women how to love thy-self through natural bodily processes. Through lymphatic drainage this involves using delicate manipulation in areas of your body to improve the lymph movement through your vessels. We teach you different stress reliever techniques that you can do at home after leaving our Spa.


When you come to Navigate Wellness Spa expect an inviting experience. We have everything you need to calm your mind, body and soul. Our eye massaging devices, compression sessions for Lymphatic massages, Foot detoxification, and everything in between will give you the necessary tools for healing!
*Our packages are not only unforgettable, but affordable!

The mental benefits tie to our emotions. Toxins overload every part of the body and can cause brain fog that stops productivity and mental health. Leave our spa with a new rejuvenated sense of self!


What They Say

The spa is very clean. Staff is friendly. Kaytee was very informative and helped ease my anxiety from a post surgery experience perspective. I highly recommend this spa.

As soon as you walk in the place feels very exotic, warm and relaxing. The Service was great!