Massages Services

Reflexology – Feet and Hands

Service we will provide under Reflexology – Feet and Hands

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Enhanced circulation
  3. Assists the body to normalize metabolism naturally


What They Say

The spa is very clean. Staff is friendly. Kaytee was very informative and helped ease my anxiety from a post surgery experience perspective. I highly recommend this spa.

As soon as you walk in the place feels very exotic, warm and relaxing. The Service was great!

Swedish Massage

Breaks up scar tissue
Rehabilitates injured muscles
Reduces pain, lowers blood pressure

Deep Tissue Massage

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
Reduces pain and stress
Rehabilitates injured muscles

Aromatherapy/Deep Tissue Massage

Decrease in muscle tension
Pain relief
Eases stress, anxiety and depression