Body Sculpting

Body contouring ( also known as body shaping or body sculpting) is the reshaping of body reshaping and toning of the body through the removal of fatty deposits under the skin. Butt Enhancement will gravite your fat cells to form your buttocks to your ideal appearance. Radio frequency will eliminate fatcellsin the areas you are trying to tone.

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Our Products

Scalp Massagers

A daily scalp massage increases blood circulation

NW Hott Pant

Increase Sweat in your body and Fat Burning

Kegelbell Weight Kit

Kegebell in the only externally weighted kit

Dry Brush Detoxer

Dry brushing is a method of gently exfoliating your skin

Feet Detox Patches

Feet detox patches are good for the soul

Yoni Egg

The egg-shaped stone that keeps your vagina strong, healthy, and toned