Kegelbell Weight Kit


The pelvic floor is really a series of muscles and tissues that forms a sling, or hammock, at the bottom of your pelvis. This sling holds your organs in place. A weak pelvic floor may lead to issues such as the inability to control your bowels or bladder.

The pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels. If the muscles are weak, these pelvic organs may lower into a woman’s vagina. Besides being extremely uncomfortable, this can also cause urinary incontinence.

Discreetly Packaged

Delivered to you discreetly packaged. No doctor visits, just use our vaginal weights in the privacy of home!

Fast Working

See results in as little as two weeks by following our workout guides for 5 minutes, 3x a week

Safe & Easy To Clean

Made of smooth medical grade silicone, known as USP Class VI. The insert is easy to clean.


We go to great lengths in quality assurance with a commitment to do so without animal testing.


We help eliminate 5 tons of single-use plastic for each woman who moves over to Kegelbell from bladder leakage pads.

FDA Registered

Kegelbell is an FDA Registered device and made out of medical-grade silicone and coloring.


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